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Why are implants important?

Dental implants or bridges?

You have two primary teeth replacement options: dental bridges or dental implants.
Dental implants don't necessitate the grinding down of surrounding teeth, preserving your natural, healthy teeth.

Prevent Premature Bone Loss

The loss of teeth leads to bone recession, which changes your face structure and makes you look older.
Dental implants preserve your natural jawbone structure.

Safe Procedure

With success rates of over 90 percent, dental implant placement is among the safest oral surgical procedures in the world today. By means of dental implants, each year millions of patients are given back their pleasure of being able to chew in a worry- and pain-free way.You can be one of them.

Dental implants: what do you have to pay attention to?

What do you have to pay attention to?

Choosing the right dental implants

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Dental implants: How do you optimally prepare for a dental operation?

How do you optimally prepare?

Preparing for your dental implant surgery 

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How to take care of your dental implants?

How to take care of your dental implant?

Recovery after the dental implant surgery 

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