Create a Spotify Playlist for Your Dental Implant Surgery to Relax

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Making a playlist for your upcoming surgery may help you relax

Making a playlist for your upcoming surgery may help you relax

Most patients assume operating rooms for dental surgeries (or any surgery) are quiet places. You might imagine the dental surgeon needs pin-drop silence to perform the extremely delicate task of extracting teeth and placing implants while ensuring complete accuracy. 

However, a recent study conducted by Spotify and Figure 1, a knowledge-sharing app for healthcare professionals, found that most surgeons prefer listening to rock while performing surgeries. And just as music helps surgeons relax and concentrate, it can also help calm you down during your surgery. 

Spotify Playlist Used by Surgeons 

According to Spotify, the #1 song played by surgeons while performing surgeries is “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions, followed by hits by Guns N’ Roses, Ted Nugent, Led Zeppelin, and other classic rock artists.
Evidence shows that self-selecting music can help surgeons relax during surgeries. Playing nostalgic and familiar hits can make surgeons feel comfortable, and the sound of rock can drown out the sound of machines working against bone. Music can also be therapeutic, helping people concentrate on the tasks at hand.
The most popular Spotify songs amongst surgeons happen to be classic rock hits from the 70s and 80s. It’s theorized that they occupy the top spots because surgeons are drawn to hits from their childhood, and most practicing surgeons now would have grown up around the time that the Scorpions and Guns N’ Roses were at the peaks of their careers.

The following is a ranking of the most popular songs played by surgeons:  

“Rock You Like a Hurricane,” Scorpions 
“Sweet Child O’ Mine,” Guns N’ Roses 
“Just What The Doctor Ordered,” Ted Nugent 
“Break On Through (To the Other Side),” The Doors 
“Paint It Black,” The Rolling Stones 
“Whole Lotta Love,” Led Zeppelin 
“We Will Rock You,” Queen 
“Back in Black,” AC/DC 
“Cocaine,” Eric Clapton 
“The Wind Cries Mary,” Jimi Hendrix
Curate Your Spotify Playlist for Oral Surgery

Curate Your Spotify Playlist for Oral Surgery

Just as music can have a therapeutic and calming effect on surgeons, it can have a similar effect on the patient. If your surgery is performed under general anesthesia, you don’t need any music — you won’t be conscious of the procedure. However, if your surgery is performed under local anesthesia, you may want to curate a Spotify playlist of your own, especially if you’re anxious. 

Dentists usually use local anesthesia for single implants, so you’re awake for the procedure. Although you won’t feel any physical pain, some patients experience severe mental anxiety because of the sounds. To prevent anxiety, you can wear headphones during the implant surgery to carry you away from the surgical sounds.
In 2009, a study conducted on 372 patients revealed that relaxing music mimicked a calm heart rate and helped patients relax before surgeries. Another study conducted in 2010 found that music played in the operating theater calmed patients. As such, there’s plenty of scientific backing to the idea that music can help you relax. 
You can use the playlist mentioned above, the one most frequently used by surgeons. However, you should ideally curate a playlist that works for you individually — something that can soothe your senses, making you relax. 

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